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So my friend broke his bong the other day and considering bongs are quite hefty investments (and since we are a website for Stoner Creations) me and Pistachio decided to figure out a real solution for it.

Step 1: Assess the Situation

broken bongbroken bong2 The main glass piece or stem which holds the slide was the part that was mainly broken. We could have took other routes (that we will show in the future) such as creating a new chamber for a bowl or redesigning the piece altogether. It is important to come into a fix with a plan of what you want to do. You don't want to end up shopping around at Lowes, stoned out of your mind, and just wonder around for 2 hours. So, we had planned to remake the stem. This leading me to the point of... make measurements and write them down. The stem on this piece "was" about 1 inch across.

Step 2: Get Supplies

Home Depot, Lowes, the mom and pop shop up the street (whatever your fancy) will do more than enough to supply what you need to fix any piece. Here are some items that we procured: A flexible, rubber, 1 and 1/4" coupling. flex coupling3 A push coupling.
Stay in the plumbing/air ducting sections, they have the best parts.
push coupling3 Screwdriver. screwdriver Make a bowl, or use a previous one - we went the easier route. good stem Of course a Lighter. lighter Don't forget duct tape! duct tape

Step 3: Put your design together.

We started first by affixiating the flexible rubber coupling over what was left of the broken stem. You can take the screwdriver and tighten the bottom seal around your piece (as we did), but be careful as too much pressure could possibly break the bong further. You want it to be snug, not strangling. flex coupling1 flex coupling2 We used a push coupling (as shown) which was very convienient because inside of it, it had multiple mini tubes that could be adjusted to the size of our slide. We picked one out and adjusted the coupling accordingly. push coupling push coupling2 After we put the coupling completely together then (just as before) we put the piece in the rubber coupling and tightened the seal around it. top seal top seal2 Put in your slide and make sure it is not going to fall out to where you will have two broken pieces... finished stem2 finished stem This is where the duct tape comes in. Check for holes, or any airways that might be taking air from the vacuum that you would be creating with the bong. You can use expanding foam or glue, but duct tape is easy and quick. Ours was so snug that we ended up not even needing duct tape.

Step 4: Enjoy.

Enough said. fixed
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