“Half-baked is probably one if not the greatest Stoner movies of all time and we believe this category is best summed up by the great, talented, and verbose Jon Stewart.
Enhancement Smoker (Jon Stewart): “Did you ever see Scent of a Woman?”
Scarface: “Yup.”
Enhancement Smoker: “You ever seen Scent of a Woman… on weed? That’s the way to see it. It’s just wacked.”
That is what this is, high movies or shows. Not necessarily ratings or anything like that, but movies or shows… well … high.”
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zach galifianakis high

This is a trailer for “Due Date” a random culmination of antics by “Zach Galifianakis” and “Robert Downey Jr”. At first glance, I can not help but reference it straight back to the type of comedy that John Candy did in movies like “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”… where a regular working-class Joe has to travel with an intensely abstract partner (which was successful). So, I am probably going to go watch it, because all I can keep thinking in my head is “Why are your eyes so glassy? Have you been partying?”… yes.

zach galifianakis high
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