"Laws are changing everything around us as well as the world that cannabis lives in. Sometimes it is time to sit down the bowl and really focus on the issues. Well then pick it back up, politics is stressful..."
james franco legalize

In a recent article, James Franco was asked whether or not he supported Proposition 19. His response was, "Sorry, I haven't studied Prop 19,"... "I'm going to disappoint all the 'Legalize It' people. It'd save a lot of paper I guess, I don't know." Really James Franco? I mean, when you play a role like the drug dealer in one of the biggest Stoner comedies of all time, then maybe you should brush up a little on your politics, especially when you have been featured on the cover of High Times magazine. As if that was not enough, James Franco lives in California. Double Whammy.

dilbert on ignorant points of view

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