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We got some samples of the Pur Sterile pipe cleaner so we decided to try it out on some of our used pieces while our brownies were in the oven. The bowl on the right was used much more than the one on the left, so there was all sorts of resin and such caked up inside of it.

Each one of the Pur Sterile boxes comes with two cleaning packets as well as two heavy duty pipe cleaners to shread any remaining resin balls. The CEO of pur sterile had this to say about his product: "I understand the skepticism of your readers who are guessing that Pur Sterile is nothing more than Oxyclean or denture cleaner. The truth is that I actually used both of those products as an example when I hired a chemist to create the Pur Sterile formula. I thought both of those products worked "okay" to clean pipes, but I wanted something better. When we received the first samples of out patent-pending recipe, we did thorough testing to make sure Pur Sterile worked better than both of those products, as well as countless combinations of them and other products mixed together. Simply put, we believe that we have the most effective, safest product on the market, and our customers echo our beliefs." Also, unlike other cleaning solutions, Pur Sterile contains no rubbing alcohol which is hazardous if inhaled and highly flammable. Read on to find out how well it really works...

Step 1: Pour the contents of one of the Pur Sterile packets into the pipe in question

The first step of the process is pretty straight forward. Just open one of the included Pur Sterile baggies and empty the entire contents of it into the pipe that you are cleaning. Make sure to evenly distribute the powder throughout the piece. Unless you have a super small funnel, you're going to want to do this step over the included container so any amount of the Pur Sterile solution that misses goes harmlessly into the container.

Step 2: Fill container With hot water

Place the pipe filled with Pur Sterile solution into the included container. Completely submerge the pipe in hot water. Sit back, and wait a bit while the Pur Sterile solution goes to work and begins foaming up inside the pipe.

Step 3: Let soak and stir

Let the pipe sit in the Pur Sterile/hot water mixture for 15-30 minutes (depending on how dirty the pipe is). Every now and then, stir the pipe around so it can loosen up the air bubbles trappd inside the pipe. Our test pipe was pretty fucking dirty so we let it set for the full 30 min.

Step 4: Rinse and clean with pipe cleaner


Remove the pipe from the cleaning container and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Use the included pipe cleaner to break up any remaining resin and wash out the remains. This step took a little longer than we would have liked with our extremely dirty pipe; however, with the other pipe we tried it on (one that was only moderately dirty) it took significantly less time. We just had one big ball of resin that refused to be broken up by the pipe cleaner. It would harden up and was a bitch to remove; we ended up re-soaking the pipe for a few minutes and that loosened up the resin enough for our pipe cleaner to remove it. Then, you just let the pipe sit to the side for a bit so so that the water inside dries out.

Results and feedback

The difference between the before and after pictures is like night and day. The pur sterile completely removed all traces of resin that was caked inside of the pipes. I didn't expect the process to remove the resin as well or as fast as it did. We had time to clean both pipes before our single batch of brownies was out of the oven, and then we had nice clean bowls to celebrate with! For the price of the cleanings, ($5.99 for a two cleaning kit) I totally recommend pur sterile for any pipe that needs cleaning. The process is quick, easy, and best of all safe and easy to clean up. You can try it out for yourself here: Pur Sterile

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