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Easy J - Part 11
I think the art of joint rolling is a lot like origami in a sense that... I can't do it very well. Also, they both allow for people to use their creativity to make true masterpieces. For those of us who are not exactly the best at these "paper" arts, we have to resort to other methods. So, I have created a way that any toker can use to be just as good as the average roller. I dub this one: The Easy J.


Easy J - Part 1
Now I am sure there are people out there who have used a similar method to this one, but I really saw a need to put the steps down for reference. For my materials all you will need is: some type of plant matter (a grinder is nice here), a pencil / pen / or similar object (Allen wrenches work well, anything will suffice), something to create a filter (cardboard off of a paper box is more common but here I have organic rolling tips), and finally papers of your choice.

Step 1 - Securing the Paper

Easy J - Part 2
Take your paper out and lay it down with the sticky side pointing towards you at the top. Position your pencil so that it is at the bottom of the paper, furthest from the sticky side.
Easy J - Part 3
Begin to roll the paper using the guidance of the pencil until you can roll the paper around the pencil firmly until you come to the sticky part. The smoother the surface of your pencil/pen the better because you can use this to conform your paper to it.
Easy J - Part 4
Now lick the sticky piece allowing it to work much like an envelope to seal the paper into a perfect cylinder. At this part you can truly determine the size of the joint you want to roll. For a smaller, pencil joint you want to press the sticky to the paper at about an 80 degree angle. This is so you can make sure that the end of the joint will be larger which will allow for the pencil to be used as a packing instrument later in the process (Take not specifically of the picture, notice the left end is larger than the right). Doing so saves time because you will usually need something to pack the joint in the end and it can be just another hassle to find something to stick into the joint without breaking the sides. This is specifically why I use an un-sharpened pencil. Inversely, if you want a larger joint then close the angle and make a "cone". Experiment and vary as needed.

Step 2 - Making a Filter

So when it comes to filters most people tear off a side of their paper box and just fold it up... which works, but if you inhale any of the burned chemicals from this "make-shift" filter then you are basically inhaling dyes and cardboard. This is why I get Organic Hemp filters, they are less than 2 dollars at any local Head Shop (also they are all the same, unlike torn cardboard).
Easy J - Part 5
Take the tip and make a small fold at the end of it.
Easy J - Part 6
Reverse the tip and make a fold backwards. When you look at it from the side it should look like an M or W (depending on which way you are looking)
Easy J - Part 7
Now take the tip and roll it up into a mini cylinder making sure to roll 'into' the folds that you just made. It should look like the picture above. For my filters I roll another tip over the first one in order to make the filter larger and more snug.
Easy J - Part 8
Now take the paper that you had from the previous step and reverse it on the pencil. Line up the filter with the smaller end of the paper and slide the paper onto the filter. You should now have the shell of what will soon become your Easy J.

Step 3 - Start Packing

Easy J - Part 9
Now take your cannabis (or whatever you are rolling... perhaps a Jeffery) and begin to sprinkle it into the top of the joint. DO NOT put seeds into the joint, they will pop and some studies have shown that smoking them could make you sterile. After you do this for a little bit take the pencil you used to roll with and use it to pack the weed down. I do this because: it makes it firmer so that it wont just fall apart, it will burn evenly, and it will burn slower. Too many times have I seen someone traditionally roll a joint that burns quickly, oddly, and falls apart towards the end because of no support like a filter. This way you eliminate all of that bullshit.
Easy J - Part 10
Continue packing your product until you almost make it to the end of the joint.

Step 4 - You're Done!

Easy J - Part 11
By now you are pretty much done and you can twist off the end and have something like the picture above. See, that wasn't so hard. Now you can take your joints out to parties and truly impress some friends with a legit, professional, Easy J.
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