"Why make a category for everything? The world lives on the brink of destruction, people are as apathetic as ever, and chronological whimsical forms of the structure are the things that are keeping us down. Fuck the system, Fuck the structure, and BY GOD here at Stoner Schematics we say FUCK Categories (...sometimes)."

If anyone watches the food network (as I do regularly), then you probably have come across a show by the name of Unwrapped as narrated by Marc Summers. This show delves into all of your munchies favorites, old and new from Abba Zabas to Mary Janes and even my personal favorite, Funyuns. These airy, garlic, oniony snacks always have me coming back for more, not to mention if I leave the bag around a group of Stoners... The thing is, I do not even really care for onions. Check out the video of how they are made from Unwrapped. Has anyone seen/tried the Wasabi or Flamin Hot flavored Funyuns? ***Huge Funyun not for Retail Consumption***
flamin funyuns

wasabi funyuns

huge funyun
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