"This category is about something that everyone is doing... we are doing it, you are doing it, everyone is making their own Stoner Schematics. Wait! You might be asking yourself, what in the hell is this... Stoner Schematic? Well I am glad that you subconsciously reached into your head and spat out a question such as this for us. Stoner Schematics are Stoner's ('hence the name') Schematics (blueprints, instructions, whatever your vernacular...). It is what the Stoner creates, be it canabutter, some crazy rolling technique, or even just a great way to blow smoke... that is a Stoner Schematic." --------> Got suggestions for schematics? E-mail Dignan
Strain Brain
Recently, I was checking out some of the other sites on the internet that offer services to humble smokers like ourselves. One place, Strain Brain, was especially cool. Using an artificial intelligence similar to facial recognition technology, Strain brain is able to accept user uploaded photos of Cannabis and identify them based on the photo collection it has previously amassed. In short, submit your pot, and get a list of possible matches to the photo you have uploaded.
Vibrant Cannabis plant
This service is hands-down something that the medicinal community has to have in order to #1 identify strains and #2 on that identification decide if the medicine procured serves the users personal needs. Also, it just removes confusion and possible Tom Foolery. As if that was too much for you, they also are affiliated with the website Pot Locator whom are able to submit to the user possible medicinal locations based to obtain more of the photo they have provided (great for searching).
Look but do not touch my marijuana
I believe this is a great program that even in its infancy offers multitudes of possible solutions to very solid and current issues in our community. If that was not enough to splatter your brain across the back of your computer chair (or wherever your juxtaposition) they are also supposed to be bringing it to mobile phones. Yes, that is right, anyone, anywhere, anytime, we will prove you wrong when you say you have the bud you clearly do not.
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