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hitchhiking stoner
Recently, a writer, medical marijuana enthusiast, and song recorder named Darren McCrea approached me with a new compilation he had put together with one of his friends called, "The Hitchhiker." Upon my first listen, this song sent me to space, it put me in a place where I felt free to chill. However, it had a funky beat reminiscent of old school R&B, while the main voice persisting throughout the song, reminded me of Tone Loc's smooth, yet slightly eccentric voice. This tune is most definitely something I will have to add to my repertoire of smoking music, because it pours over the atmosphere much like the smoke that emanates from the tip of my tightly rolled blunts. In addition, it is refreshing to see someone like Darren McCrea, who is an already established figure within the community surrounding cannabis, reach outside of his comfort zone to pull off a selection so far out as this one. I mean, consider the level of detail alone, as it lasts four minutes and 20 seconds. Check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments section.

The Hitchiker

Darren McCrea
For reference, after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, epilepsy, and tremors, Darren McCrea sidelined popularly prescribed drugs such as Prednisone, Methotrexate, and Hydrocodone in exchange for the medicinal benefits of marijuana, which alleviated his pain and offered him normalcy in life without the debilitating effects of such a lifelong affliction. In 2002, Darren McCrea started the organization known as Spocannabis, a dispensary meant to help people in the region of Spokane, Washington to gain access to cannabis without being susceptible to the foul intricacies of the black market. In short, little old sick ladies should not have to waddle downtown searching for flowers. For his efforts, in October 2005, Darren McCrea was featured in High Times, where he was declared a Freedom Fighter for the cause. However, even though he was attempting to spread some assistance to people with ailments, not unlike his own, in 2008, among countless other police harassment situations, McCrea was arrested under suspicion of trafficking when he was discovered with more than five pounds of pot and over $32,000 in cash. In McCrea's defense, he was simply facilitating the the sale of cannabis for compassion reasons, rather than acting as a centralized hub for distribution as the state made him out to be. As recently as 2011, Darren McCrea plead guilty to these charges, but he was only given a small misdemeanor, a suspended jail sentence, two years of probation, a $5,000 fine, and the worst of all, he was banned from selling marijuana.
Rather than allowing the system to get the better of him, McCrea started teaching people how to grow marijuana at the University of Spokamsterdam, where people can come, learn how to properly grow cannabis with controlled watering, nutrients, light, low-stress training, pruning, and other horticultural tips and tricks. While McCrea is not handing out ganja anymore, he has become a prominent advocate within the community, who has, and continues to, spread the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Sometimes we want to contribute more to the community, to act as representatives for the cause, but we make excuses about "not having enough time," or the like, and it is people like Darren that remind us that we can do anything no matter what stressors or pressures are exerted upon us. Even under the weight of disease, socioeconomic destitution, drug dependency, and police provocation Darren McCrea rose from the ashes like a Phoenix to strike against the tyranny of the majority, who attempts to put a stranglehold on free expression and non-pharmaceutical medicinal pursuits. Moreover, McCrea simultaneously represents the Okanogan tribe of the Colville Confederated Tribes, so he is no stranger to the cultural demolition the government will attempt to carry out against a group of people due to their identity, their background, their ethnicity, or even the things they choose to ingest. Let us take a page out of Darren's book, stand up against this hypocrisy, and seize the day to shout from the mountaintops, screaming, "Cannabis is here to stay, whether you like it or not!"
Darren McCrea
If you are in Washington, or you would like to start a line of correspondence with Darren McCrea use the following address at his new location, open since June of last year.

128 E Mission Avenue Spokane Washington 99205

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