"Half-baked is probably one if not the greatest Stoner movies of all time and we believe this category is best summed up by the great, talented, and verbose Jon Stewart. Enhancement Smoker (Jon Stewart): 'Did you ever see Scent of a Woman?' Scarface: 'Yup.' Enhancement Smoker: 'You ever seen Scent of a Woman... on weed? That's the way to see it. It's just wacked.' This category attempts to capture the Enhancement essence, not necessarily ratings or anything like that, but movies, shows, or videos... well... high."
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Kyle Mooney with a beer
Ever since some of the most dedicated and beloved cast members of Saturday Night Live left in the 38th season including Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, not to mention Seth Meyers recent transition to Late Night, SNL, like it has many times before, has left a gap open for a new cast full of vibrant and ecstatic featured players. However, this occasion is not the first time in history many big name actors have departed from SNL, leaving Lorne Michaels to search the world of talent for innovative individuals. Consider the period after the first five golden years between 1975 and 1980 for SNL. In 1980, Lorne Michaels is removed as the Executive Producer for the show due to complications with NBC, which resulted in SNL losing many of their big time players, who found lucrative movie careers anyways outside the show, such as John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, and Garret Morris.

original SNL cast
Beginning on 1985, Lorne took it upon himself to rebuild the crew into the monolith that it was, prior to him being cast to the side, by bringing in Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Kevin Nealon, Damon Wayans, Robert Downey, Jr., Randy Quaid, and Joan Cusack just to name a few in the first couple of years. Recently, for the 39th season of SNL, Lorne has done it again, but instead of referring to massive lists of casting calls and arduous searches around the world, technology has made his life a lot easier, as many of the current featured players like Beck Bennet, John Milhiser, Noël Wells, Michael Patrick O'Brien, and Kyle Mooney were all famous on YouTube before being brought to Studio 8H's historic stage.
In specific, I had actually discovered Kyle Mooney on YouTube prior to seeing him for the first time in the most recent season of SNL, and I was rather surprised when I finally realized Kyle was the same man I had seen in two different mediums. Above is a kind of a mockumentary on smoking marijuana Kyle posted to his YouTube channel on April 20th, 420, of 2013 in order to commemorate and perhaps slightly criticize the Stoner holiday. Saturday Night Live has, and will continue to be, a treasure trove for comedic invention utilized to create a commentary on our contemporary cultural situation, and from what I have seen so far from people like Kyle Mooney, I will be satisfied to continue watching until the show ceases to go on.
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