"The utmost lacking feature of the smoking community is a written and understood set of guidelines to adhere to while participating in any circle. We compile these tips, tricks, techniques, rules, regulations, specifications, and guidelines into a category known as: Potetiquette, which is as the name implies: 'Pot' - 'Etiquette'. This category is meant to attempt to unify these instructions, so that every Stoner may start with a pre-conception of the underlying ideals in order to be able to augment them accordingly to their liking."
thick blunt
So, you and your acquaintances have just rolled a massively thick blunt together, but before you keep passing it around the circle until it becomes a roach, consider doling out some shotguns in your next sesh. The shotgun, executed in a variety of ways, is one of the only two-person smoking maneuvers available. I have heard some people say they find it difficult to get high on a blunt, maybe because they are not holding the smoke long enough (around 5 seconds) or they are not taking a big enough hit because of how harsh it can get, but give them a shotgun and they will never complain about that again. Not only is the shotgun smooth, but because of its method of delivery it allows you to take a much larger hit than would be possible otherwise. In fact, I have some cohorts who prefer shotguns to straight smoking in general. Certainly, give a shotgun once and you will have made a friend for life.

While some of us may be familiar with these methods, others may not be, so what exactly is a shotgun? Well, a shotgun can be defined and actualized in a multitude of manners; but in general, the shotgun is when one person forces marijuana smoke into the mouth of another person. One way of executing this action is by simply taking a large hit of a blunt and exhaling the smoke directly into the mouth of the other, with as much space between you two as each feels comfortable. When two people are involved a shotgun could appear rather passionate, as in the picture above, but this intimacy is not a required facet of shotguns. On the other hand, most people maintain about a foot of distance them and the recipient, or enough to make sure they get the full blast of the smoke about to hit them. In order to facilitate the transference of smoke from one person to the other, both people can cup their hands together over their mouths to create a tunnel for the smoke to travel.
close-up shotgun
Another method involves a little more complexity than simply blowing smoke in someone's face. In lieu of taking the hit from the blunt, you can invert the blunt to position the lit part in the center of your mouth (as in the picture above) and blow at an increasing intensity, while the other person catches the stream of smoke and sucks in until they have received an adequate hit. Although this may seem tricky at first, with a bit of practice it can be great fun delivering an amazing blast to the face. Personally, I recommend using your teeth or pursing your lips on the center of the blunt to avoid slipping and potentially burning the inside of your mouth. The one downside to this method is that the person giving the shotgun will not get much, if any, smoke, because they are dedicated to delivering it.
two girls shotgun
Therefore, it is best to teach all of your friends as soon as possible, so when you are done giving out a couple shotguns, they can then turn right around and give you one right back. You would not require someone to roll the blunt or unpack the vaporizer every single time, so in the same light, everybody should attempt to learn the shotgun method to contribute to each session. Finally, that being said, pick the shotgun version that is right for you. Do not volunteer to give a complex shotgun if you know you are prone to burning yourself, and the opposite is true, do not refrain from giving shotguns if you know how.
intimate shotgun
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