"Why make a category for everything? The world lives on the brink of destruction, people are as apathetic as ever, and chronological whimsical forms of the structure are the things that are keeping us down. Fuck the system, Fuck the structure, and BY GOD here at Stoner Schematics we say FUCK Categories (...sometimes)."

As one of the earliest domesticated plants known to human existence, marijuana has been around for over 12,000 years. However, it was not until the 1890s that "marihuana" became the accepted nomenclature for the plant. Prior to then, most called it by the name hemp, regardless if it had the psychoactive substances present or not. To John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington, hemp was an all-around tool utilized in a variety of ways as fiber in fabric for clothing and rope, as an oil-rich food component, as paper for early drafts of The Declaration of Independence and other documents, as animal bedding, as water and soil purification crops, and as weed control, among a myriad of other uses. As an integral part of their lives every single day, hemp was a respected agricultural commodity, and several of the framers believed it would be the driving force behind America's eventual success. While this prediction has yet to come to fruition, it does not mean that we will not enjoy that future soon enough, especially considering the continuing innovations surrounding hemp products such as hempcrete (a super sturdy concrete) and bioplastics using hemp fiber combined with fiberglass for automobile construction. However, the question is, given the opportunity to smoke with any one of these forefathers, who would you choose? Certainly, Benjamin Franklin had a reputation for being rowdy, not to mention he was an inventor, coming up with all kinds of high ideas. Although, Washington had seen some action, so a session with him might have revealed some of the most grueling, yet exciting, moments of the American Revolutionary War. John Adams and Jefferson would have provided an excellent discussion on banking and the direction of the country, but some may consider that a bit too heady for a forefather smoke session. Which one would be right for you and why?

John Adams

John Adams hemp

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin hemp
Unlike the other framers, many of the quotes by Benjamin Franklin on hemp are merely spurious attempts to elevate the position of hemp historically. However, it is widely known that Franklin not only cultivated hemp, but utilized it as the main medium in his paper mill and printing press.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson hemp

George Washington

George Washington hemp
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