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lisa robin kelly as a kid
Lisa Robin Kelly was born on March 5th, 1970 in the mid-sized city of Southington, Connecticut, where she grew up, like many young girls, fantasizing about becoming an acclaimed actress similar to "The Bionic Woman," Lindsay Wagner, "Charlie's Angel," Farrah Fawcett, or the infamously sassy, yet quirky, on-screen journalist, Mary Tyler Moore. However, in 1992, unlike most pipe dreams, Kelly got her break at the ripe, young age of 21 on the set of "Married with Children" in the episode, "Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore" as a girl named Carol. While she played a rather insignificant one-time role in the episode, she started to gain notoriety in Hollywood for her gregariously inviting smile and voluptuous hair, which appeared as delicate strands of flowing gold rolling down onto her shoulders.

lisa robin kelly young
From there, Kelly made numerous guest appearances in a myriad of programs including "Murphy Brown" and "Sisters" in 1995, "Days of Our Lives" and the "X-Files" in 1996, and a variety of other projects ranging from short films to TV series cameos. In 1997, Kelly's claim to fame had seemed to reach its pinnacle, as she was brought back onto "Married with Children" as a different character named Heather Talrico in the episode "Breaking Up Is Easy to Do: Part 1."
laurie forman lisa robin kelly
At the age of 28, Kelly found her calling playing as the lascivious Laurie Forman, the older sister to Eric Forman, on the hit series "That 70's Show" premiering in 1998. It was here that Lisa Robin Kelly brushed alongside fame, as she loved the job, the character, and the attitude she had to portray on screen. In one interview she revealed a lot about herself and the experience by saying, "It is perfect for me because Laurie and I have a lot in common. Like being flirtatious and being manipulative with Dad, and having a combative relationship with my brother." During her time as a co-star, she enjoyed increasing success as an actress receiving a minor role in the blockbuster Jawbreaker and appearing in the show "Charmed" in 1999. In addition, she was featured as #6 on Maxim TV's list of the "Best Nymphos" for her execution of the seductive role. Below is a clip from one of my favorite scenes featuring Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Forman.
In 2001 during the midst of Season 3, Robin Lisa Kelly had a miscarriage, which lead to her abusing alcohol, drugs, and her responsibility as a recurring character on "That 70's Show." Therefore, the writing staff found it best to award her leave by claiming her character had departed to attend beauty school. Certainly, the strain of this loss plagued her for the rest of her life, as evidenced by her interview on ABC News years later. In 2003, she temporarily reprized the role of Laurie Forman for the end of Season 5 of the show; and in fact, she was offered 13 more episodes in Season 6, though she declined in an attempt to branch out to new ventures. Many television stars reach a point where they have to try new things and branch out, consider Topher Grace's maneuver, even as a main character, to abstain from the 8th and final Season of "That 70's Show" resulting in his complete absence until the last episode. At the advent of Season 6, Kelly was officially replaced by Christina Moore, who acted as a placeholder for the character through six different episodes between 2003 and 2004.
lisa robin kelly banished
Kelly had planned to move on from the show for bigger and better things, but her career effectively climaxed with "That 70's Show." Her only productions after the show were two short movies, The Food Chain: A Hollywood Scarytale in 2005 and SUX2BME in 2012. Most of her press was generated from legal issues, instead of hand-crafted characters and big label events. Beginning in August of 2010, Kelly was seized in North Carolina for driving under the influence, which resulted in 12 months of unsupervised probation. On March 31st of 2012, Kelly was involved in a domestic dispute with her roommate John Michas and was released on a $50,000 bail. Afterwards, she denied the claims that she assaulted Michas by saying, "I am clean and sober and I have made a lot of progress. I am completely innocent. I weigh 105 pounds. I could never hurt him. I just want to start working again."
lisa robin kelly mugs
Later, the LA County District Attorney decided not to file charges against her based on her vehement refutation of the accusations. During November of 2012, in the town of Mooresville, North Carolina, Kelly was arrested again, this time with her new husband Robert Joseph Gilliam after another domestic disturbance call. Both were cited and fined for the incident, rather than one party or the other receiving unfair treatment in the case. Alcohol and violence always seem to follow one another. Although she was tumultuously tumbling through all these kinds of strife, she appeared to be on the upswing with the picture below being taken on November 16, 2012.
lisa robin kelly 2012
However, on June 23, 2013, Kelly was caught another time for DUI, after her car was parked in the middle of the I-5 freeway. Then on August 14, 2013, Lisa Robin Kelly was pronounced dead at the age of 43, having passed away in her sleep at a rehabilitation center after orally ingesting too many prescription drugs causing herself to overdose involuntarily. According to her agent at the time, Rabbi Craig Wyckoff, Kelly had checked herself into the rehabilitation clinic a week prior to the accident in an attempt to curb her continuing addiction. In fact, her entrance to rehab was spurred forth after her boyfriend brought her to the hospital in a drunken stupor to reveal she had a deathly .34 blood alcohol content level. Even though she recognized her issues and attempted to remedy them, it seems it was still too late to save her even in the care of a specialized facility.
beautiful lisa robin kelly
When we set our sights to shoot for the stars, sometimes we end up singed by the results. Whether we are actresses or actors, computer scientists or engineers, attorneys or archaeologists, food workers or janitors, when we set goals in life we expect to be able to accomplish them. Be that as it may, frequently goals recoil like a snake to strike us back into submission, making us rationally realize our capabilities in life have been crippled by opportunity, experience, or even restrictions based on features of our identity such as class, race, religion, or appearance. While Lisa Robin Kelly's life certainly ended in travesty, and many people will argue about whether childhood acting, Hollywood exploitation, or substance abuse played a bigger role, our society should always remember that she never gave up on her dreams no matter what. As her career and hopes were being dashed by her own rampant alcoholism, she continued to mush forth in an attempt to extinguish her demons and capture the fleeting glory of being a celebrity. No trial, no tribulation, no transgression was too great to stop her from pursuing her lifelong passion of acting, a lesson we could all learn from. So, rather than quitting early, moving on to another occupation, or making lame excuses, think of the admirable dedication Lisa Robin Kelly brought to the table and forget about giving up.
Lastly, alcohol acts as a poison spreading to families all across the world without prejudice, and there is not one person reading this article who has not been directly affected by this plague. Lisa Robin Kelly's story exposes the gritty details and dangers of alcoholism on a larger scale to our society. A beautiful and successful young woman, who should have enjoyed a prolific career, was instead suffocated under a tidal wave of dependence and withdrawal, a death we are all susceptible to if we allow alcohol to control us lives. Eventually, people will begin to see the truth, that alcohol destroys lives, while cannabis tends to heal the most unfortunate. Alcohol only depresses people, while ganja elates them. Alcohol deteriorates the human mind, and marijuana saves people medically. Alcohol tears apart families, pot builds new relationships. For years the smear campaign continued against cannabis, but now the populous shall finally realize, on the heels of Lisa's death, that everything bad said about cannabis was actually the truth about alcohol. Personally, I could live in a world where I traded one for the other, because marijuana is simply the safer choice.
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