"After a smoking session, the Stoner becomes susceptible to an insatiable desire, a carnivorous wave of necessity for sustenance known as the munchies. Whether it is cereal, Funyuns, Nutella, brownies, or ice cream, any food item, nestled in the fridge or cabinet, can fall a vulnerable victim to marijuana induced munchies. This category will offer some new tastes before they are all eaten." --------> E-mail Dignan your favorite munchies.
red hook joint effort beer
On Saint Patrick's Day, people celebrate by gorging themselves upon copious amounts of dyed-green bar beer until they are groggy with inebriation. Usually, I tend to settle down with a different type of green from the same taxonomic family, but this St. Patrick's Day is special due to the introduction of Joint Effort, a brand new ale brewed with hemp seeds. Created by a joint effort between Redhook Breweries and Hilliard’s Beer, respectively based out of the legalized cities of Woodinville and Seattle, Washington, Joint Effort offers a dank and earthy craft beer aimed specifically at connoisseurs of both cannabis and beer. Prior to now, beer has been utilized as a palate cleanser, food compliment, and a contrast to taste for meats, desserts, and cheeses, but Redhook introduces the capability of marrying the multifarious piquant flavors of cannabis with the bitter body of a delicious beer with Joint Effort. Yesterday, a frosty Becks and a bowl was good enough, but now the bar has been set at a higher standard.

joint effort description
In order to demonstrate the explicit correlation between Joint Effort and marijuana legalization, aside from the conspicuous name, consider a couple descriptions of the beer by Redhook on the bottle above and from their website below. Moreover, to add to the iconography, the tap for Joint Effort resembles a bong, as in the image below.
"Joint Effort is a session ale brewed with hemp seeds. Dry-hopped with Zeus, Cascade, Summit hops, Joint Effort has a dank, resinous hop aroma balanced by nutty, earthiness from hemp seeds. It’s the perfect brew for sitting around with your bud, grabbing some munchies and enjoying a beer."

joint effort tap
While Joint Effort may not have any psychoactive cannabinoids present, it is certainly a step in a direction toward a day when marijuana and beer can be legally infused underneath the same glorious bottle cap. For those who are interested in brewing their own beer with cannabis for the purpose of imparting cannabinoids, you can perhaps refer to this recipe. However, right now for Saint Patrick's Day, thanks to the imagination of Redhook Breweries, I will be putting forth a concerted Joint Effort to achieve a sublimely tasty crossbuzz.
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