"It is a widely accepted fact that cannabis (...and other great hallucinogens) have been linked numerous times to allowing people everywhere; from writers, to artists, and even amongst the most advent doodlers as being a smooth gateway to better and more insightful pieces of art. So take your brush of choice and blow some minds... this is Stoner Art." --------> Are you an artist? If so, send your pieces to Dignan
Vin Sour Diesel
After strolling up to the local gas station and procuring a couple of White Owl Cigarillos, one of my personal favorites when it comes to wraps, my friends and I proceeded to gut the cigars with a knife and replace the contents with cannabis. However, we first needed an expansive rolling surface, as emptying out a wrap can be messy, not to mention you do not want to lose any stray ganja during the replacement process. Recently, I had been ironically gifted a painting of Vin Diesel, so I figured it would make an appropriate assemblage. Upon slicing open the Cigarillo and dumping the innards upon the portrait, immediately, I was struck by the similarity of the tobacco to hair. Miraculously, a mundane visage of Vin Diesel magically transformed into a large-scale game of Wooly Willy, the children's game that allows you to manipulate metal shavings resembling hair with a magnetic wand to create various combinations. While to some it may seem like a gimmick, this activity lead to at least 20 minutes of hilarious amusement, as we changed his facial hair and style continuously. Below are some examples of our fuzzy face frenzy. In short, this game shall be dubbed Vin "Sour" Diesel to commemorate the discovery in the context of rolling a blunt. Grab some paintings or photographs from your house and utilize your blunt guts or ganja to make your own funny photos, then send them to Stoner Schematics and we will host them alongside these Vin "Sour" Diesel pictures.

The Druglord

Vin Sour Diesel hair and mustache

Groucho Marx

Vin Sour Diesel eyebrows and mustache

Galifianakis Style

Vin Sour Diesel beard
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