"High Times founded the Miss High Times contest, which synchronized women and weed to create a Stoner fueled fantasy without so much pageantry, and much more marijuana. This ingenious blend of natural occurrence surpasses the regular, monotonous, egocentric concept of beauty in exchange for a harmony between Girls and Grass. Therefore, this category will attempt to showcase that glorious union."

Donna Pinciotti

Jackie Burkhardt

seductive Laurie Forman

Today at Stoner Schematics, we unveil a new, long-time-coming category called Girls and Grass. This new category will be a testament and ode to the women who thought it a great idea to take a photograph of themselves alongside some of the sticky icky, pot that is. Now some people may take this notion as some androcentric, misogynistic, patriarchal attempt to display the female body in a loose-leaf association with ganja, but I believe the entities in question are enhancing their beauty by accenting their features with exquisite and delectable buds rather than polluting it. What better place to start, than the girls from "That 70's Show," as we all know they are most definitely toking. Instead of me rambling on about Donna's lovable hometown appeal, Jackie's smooth refined features, and Laurie's ability to attract anyone of the male sex, today we are going to do something different. Above, I have posted some pictures of the girls in question, and what I want you to do is to vote for who is the best "That 70's Show" Girl.