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"Hippies and flower children of the 60's would always describe one sick beat of any nature as being "Groovy" or "Far out". We feel the same way. It doesn't matter if it's guitar, bass, violin, piano, ukulele, anything! This is the beats that intoxicate our brains, blow our minds, and really send us ...well... Far out man." ----> Got suggestions for music? E-mail Pistachio or E-mail Dignan

Today, try a new blunt wrap. I know you have your one true love, that white grape, the apple, etc... but today, today my friends. Try a new blunt wrap and smoke it down to this authentic reggae band: One Drop Forward. They knew what was up.

weed control?

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Zimmer and Legalization

"Laws are changing everything around us as well as the world that cannabis lives in. Sometimes it is time to sit down the bowl and really focus on the issues. Well then pick it back up, politics is stressful..."
George Zimmer, the guy from Men's Warehouse, has recently donated $50,000 dollars to the "Yes on 19" campaign. If you are not familiar with Mr. Zimmer, then check out this video for Men's Warehouse. I think he should change his whole spill to "You are going to like the way you look"... "with a blunt in your mouth".

His funding has been directly noted (check the text in the ad) in the most recent Proposition 19 Ad, which features former Chief of Police, Joseph McNamara. McNamara was shortly Chief of Police for Kansas City before he served in San Jose for 15 years where he undoubtedly saw the distress caused by prohibition. McNamara's 35 years of experience being in the police force turned him into an activist and got him the position currently as being part of Stanford University's Hoover Institution. In a recent article by McNamara he can be quoted saying:

"Like an increasing number of law enforcers, I have learned that most bad things about marijuana - especially the violence made inevitable by an obscenely profitable black market - are caused by the prohibition, not by the plant. Legal marijuana is long overdue, but leading up to November, wrongheaded opponents will implore Californians with the same old mistaken arguments to stay the course. Prohibition advocates will promote fear, and they will ignore the vast bulk of law enforcement and medical experience on marijuana. People should not be fooled by cannabis opponents' appeal to prejudices and emotions when they argue."

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