"It is a widely accepted fact that cannabis (...and other great hallucinogens) have been linked numerous times to allowing people everywhere; from writers, to artists, and even amongst the most advent doodlers as being a smooth gateway to better and more insightful pieces of art. So take your brush of choice and blow some minds... this is Stoner Art."
marijuana lungs
One of the most common misconceptions still portrayed by the general, misinformed public is that marijuana has similar effects to tobacco inhalation on the human lungs. I am sure we all have heard someone stupendously try to say one joint of marijuana is equivalent to the effects of a cigar or five cigarettes on the lungs in terms of damage. However, numerous peer-reviewed, scholarly studies have disproved this nonsense, while many have actually found the medicinal benefits of cannabis to be quite spectacular for people experiencing asthma and even lung cancer. In a study by Donald P Tashkin called, "Effects of Marijuana Smoking on the Lung," he concludes "habitual use of marijuana alone does not appear to lead to significant abnormalities in lung function." In addition, Tashkin dismisses the possibility of cannabis causing more severe lung diseases by saying there is "no clear link to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease." The following video actually shows the residue left over from smoking marijuana, and many of you might find it quite surprising.