Here at Stoner Schematics me and my other cohorts are determined to continue to deliver news, pictures, guides, schematics, or whatever we think you will be interested in. The problem with such a structure is the fact that we are so understaffed in comparison to other websites in the same genre that we have to not only do the delicate task of writing the posts, but also to backup, repair, and renew the website as it grows increasingly older.
massive amount of trichomes
This being said, there are several things that currently we have administratively turned to in loo of frequent chronological posts. First, we plan to unveil a character whom will be the staple of Stoner Schematics as well as a slogan. Next, we will be incorporating different, more stylistic buttons and text in order to give the site a better and smoother look. Comments will be enabled on pages as well as on posts, these comments will also have features allowing one to connect your favorite social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.. If this was not enough we will also start including polls randomly during the week. These are not all of the changes that we have been working on, but we will continue to expand the website in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to the cool shit we already have.
dog toking up
Bottom Line, look for a bunch of changes to the website and posts to begin to be a normal thing again.