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While the weather is still frigid with snow occasionally falling from time to time, instead of "hot boxing" try this new fad, which shall be dubbed "cool caving." Rather than hopping into a car, tent, or closet to fill the tight and enclosed space from wall to wall with thick marijuana smoke from a blunt or joint, Stoners from all around the colder sections of the globe flip the age-old activity by digging small, Stoner, snow caves, some more intricate than others, within embankments of accumulated snow. In fact, I first heard of this invention on February 11, 2014, when a group of students, from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan, were caught smoking cannabis within the confines of an extensive snow cave by a local police officer. In that situation, they basically lead the officer there by looking suspicious and mysteriously disappearing behind a snow bank; however, if they had not made this mistake, it would have been a legitimate setup.
Cool Caving2
Not only does the snow cave offer a discrete and unexposed area to partake in a daily session, but it is cold, keeping snacks and beverages for munchies at the perfect temperature. Moreover, by cool caving, you can dictate the size of the smoking chamber using your own discretion. If you want a capacious powwow style room for multiple people, then increase the diameter of the sphere, but if you are looking for a more intimate location, keep it small, yet secure. For example, the person in the picture above is actually inside a larger room within a snow cave, not the outside as it may seem, while the person pictured below is closer to the threshold of what amounts to about 15 to 20 feet worth of snow cave. To obtain the maximum amount of smoke per square meter build your snow cave at an upward angle, this way smoke does not roll out, thus attracting curious passerbys. In addition, conceal the entryway in some way to keep people from randomly sticking their head into your serious business. The last thing you need is an uninvited guest like the guys in the story above. Maybe make an artificial layer of snow at the entrance or cover it with some leaves or sticks to avoid arousing suspicion. Lastly, be careful. You are making tunnels out of, what seems like, harmless snow, but people have been buried underneath avalanches never to be seen again. Therefore, be sure to make your snow cave sturdy before you pile people in for a sesh.
Cool Caving
Go ahead! If you live in a cold region, go outside, create your own snow caves, and you will be cool caving in no time. If you make a snow cave or have made one in the past, send your pictures to Stoner Schematics and we will host them on the website alongside the others.