"Everything around us is changing... laws, society, personal idiosyncrasies, as well as the realm that cannabis resides. Sometimes it is time to sit down the bowl and really focus on the issues... well then pick it back up because politics are stressful..."
Here's some of Denver's Finest beating a 23 year old guy for talking on his cell phone during his friend's arrest. The victim, Michael DeHerrera, was talking on the phone with his father about legal advice for his friend (pictured on the ground at the beginning of the video) after he was arrested for entering a lady's rest room at a club.  DeHerrera was beaten unconscious by the Douche bag officer, Devin Sparks, and woke up in the Hospital with stitches in his head and post-concussion syndrome. I like how the camera operator conveniently pans away from the incident although you can clearly see the officer is using excessive force. DeHerrera settled with the city council for $17,500 (much too low in my opinion) and officer Sparks got off the chain with a measly three day suspension. If I was in this guys shoes, I'd make sure that this douchebag never wore a uniform again.