"Laws are changing everything around us as well as the world that cannabis lives in. Sometimes it is time to sit down the bowl and really focus on the issues. Well then pick it back up, politics is stressful..."
vicente fox

Ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox is urging Californians to vote in the upcoming election for Proposition 19. "How great it would be for California to set this example? May God let it pass," Fox announced over the radio waves during a recent interview. Fox is critical of the current Mexican Administrations all out war on the Drug Cartels. "We have taken the least productive route, which is fighting violence with violence. Violence never resolves violence."

mexican drug cartel

Violence is certainly something that our neighbors down south are not short on. Recently in the town of Los Ramones, the police station was brutally attacked by Drug Cartel members. they reportedly "fired more than 1,000 bullets and flung six grenades..." The 14 police officers working at the station escaped unharmed, but all promptly quit their jobs after the attack, fearing for their lives. This was the second outright attack on Mexican police officers in one week. (Source)

los ramones

Elsewhere, massacres are happening all over the Mexico. In one Mexican Pacific Coast state, 15 young men were gunned down outside of a car wash. An attack on a birthday party in Ciudad Juarez left 14 dead. 13 patients at a drug rehab center in Tijuana were also gunned down. All Three massacres took place in less than a week in unrelated cases. Russ Belville of Opposing views sums up the situation nicely, "A NO vote on Prop 19 says you accept slaughtered Mexican teenagers as an unavoidable cost of Americans getting high." (Source )