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Bob Marley Birthday
On May 11th, 1981, Bob Marley fell a fatal victim to melanoma of the toe, because his Rastafarian beliefs prohibited him from being buried an incomplete person. Born on February 6th, 1945, Bob Marley would have been 69 years old today, but even though he is gone his legacy still thrives through his songs, philosophy, and the emotional impact he played in radically changing the face of politics in an effort to preserve and promote peace. The father of Reggae, the burner of ganja, and the leader of a counter-culture movement, Bob Marley stands today as a prominent figure in the Stoner culture, where he represents, in an Obi-Wan Kenobi fashion, tranquility, Stoicism, and the ability to maintain an expressive and vehement free spirit. Among other decorations he achieved during his lifetime, Bob Marley has been immortalized in a variety of ways including being awarded the Jamaican Order of Merit in 1981, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March of 1994, and receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in February of 2001. Today, the posthumously published album, Legend, enjoys the most album sales out of any other record with over 14 million copies sold worldwide, receiving outstanding reception as one of the most prolific pieces of music ever recorded. If you would like to learn more about Bob Marley, the man, the legend, the divine, then check out the following video entitled "Caribbean Nights," as it covers the evolution of Bob Marley and the Wailers into the sensation that they were.