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bowl roach clip
Next time you are at the end of your joint and there are no reliable roach clips in sight, try this trick to create a makeshift roach holder out of the carburetor on your favorite bowl. First, check the amount left in the joint to verify if it is at the point that passing it around will result in someone burning their fingertips. Generally, one to two inches is a suitable length for a roach, but it really depends on the size of the original joint or blunt. Personally, I prefer to utilize rolling tips, when I have the chance, as they make it easy to approximate the amount of ganja left by simply squeezing the sides of the joint and measuring where the cannabis ends and the rolling tip begins. In fact, if the roller formulates a rolling tip long enough, he or she can eliminate the necessity for a roach. In essence, joints become capable of being smoked until the end without some self-induced inflaming injury occurring due to a dropped pass because the roach was hot. Nevertheless, after determining the joint to be short enough to qualify as a roach, simply start by positioning it inside the carb of a nearby bowl in a similar manner to the pictures above and below.