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I featured some of tame Impala's music here a while ago, and recently I've been listening to them alot. "Expectations" is a great song from their latest album, Innerspeaker. If you've never heard them before, definitely check them out because this album is one you'll be hooked onto for awhile. I do not think there was a single song that I didn't like on the album. Other great tracks from the album include: "It's Not Meant to be," "Desire Be Desire Go," and "Lucidity." Try out some of the sample tracks on the Innerspeaker link, I doubt you'll be disappointed with what you hear. If you have any musicians who you think should be featured, just send us a link to their page! We here at Stonerschematics.com are always looking for new and upcoming musicians with great new music. Help us get the word out about your favorite bands!

tame impala innerspeaker cover