"Laws are changing everything around us as well as the world that cannabis lives in. Sometimes it is time to sit down the bowl and really focus on the issues. Well then pick it back up, politics is stressful..."
I found this interesting study by Dr. Melanie Dreher et al. that tested the effects of cannabis smoking during pregnancy in Jamaica. If you would rather read the full study, you can download the pdf Here. Doctor Dreher and her associates compared children from smoking mothers and non-smoking mothers three days after birth and also followed up after one month. They found no differences between the two groups three days after birth; however, they found that after a month, children of cannabis smoking mothers showed better physiological stability. They also had "...better scores on autonomic stability, quality of alertness, irritability, and self-regulation and were judged to be more rewarding for caregivers." For full details be sure to check out the video above, as Dr. Dreher outlines the longitudinal study and also compares her groups findings to others on the same topic. My favorite quote from Dr. Dreher: (found around 28:36 in her lecture) "It's not an evolutionary accident that the two activities needed to sustain life and perpetuate the species are eating and sex, and that marijuana makes both of these things pleasurable." True that.
dr dreher