"Hippies and flower children of the 60's would always describe one sick beat of any nature as being "Groovy" or "Far out". We feel the same way. It doesn't matter if it's guitar, bass, violin, piano, ukulele, anything! This is the beats that intoxicate our brains, blow our minds, and really send us ...well... Far out man."
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Sean Lennon is one of the successors to the great John Lennon himself (whom needs no back-story nor an explanation of why he would show up on a Stoner Blog...). Sean's uncanny resemblance to his father in not only in his style of music but also in his physical attributes no doubt has a foothold in why any Beatles lover would transition easily to Sean's whimsical style. I do not know if I condone Sean's riding of his fathers coattails as an easy entrance into the music world unlike his half brother Julian, but I must say... I like it.