"Sir Smoke-a-Lot's Selections is a new category dedicated to the creative cultivators who generate strains that are simply out of this world. Sir Smoke-a-Lot smokes only the best, therefore we should follow his example by looking for the best the world has to offer. Just as he went from Samson's kind bud to the experimental medicinal Smiley Face, we will vacillate from popularized mainstream strains to medical grade to the finest homegrown around in search of true dank."
What better way to celebrate this fine St. Patrick's Day than to roll up a nice fatty and smoke the true green weed that represents the chronicles of Ireland. In fact, the main ingredient used to give beer its flavor is not very different from our favorite, Cannabis. Hops or Humulus lupulus are female flower clusters (dioceses flowers in fact) that when put into the right concoction of wheat, barley, etc... creates what we know today to be beer. Yes beer, the same chemical that was put through prohibition in the 1920's and that is legal today (especially today), is almost the same exact herb as that of cannabis. If we were to look at plant divisions then hops and cannabis are a short toss apart. Both are in the Class: Magnoliopsida, the Order: Rosales, Family: Cannabaceae... so in short, we are looking at two sisters who have tremendous potentials. If only... For your pleasure though, I have placed some of the finest pictures of green in order to keep the Leprechaun's out of your stash.
St Patrick Weed

St Patrick Weed 1

St Patrick Weed 2

St Patrick Weed 3

St Patrick Weed 4

St Patrick Weed 5

St Patrick Weed 6

St Patrick Weed 7

St Patrick Weed 8