"This category is about something that everyone is doing... we are doing it, you are doing it, everyone is making their own Stoner Schematics. Wait! You might be asking yourself, what in the hell is this... Stoner Schematic? Well I am glad that you subconsciously reached into your head and spat out a question such as this for us. Stoner Schematics are Stoner's ('hence the name') Schematics (blueprints, instructions, whatever your vernacular...). It is what the Stoner creates, be it canabutter, some crazy rolling technique, or even just a great way to blow smoke... that is a Stoner Schematic." --------> Got suggestions for schematics? E-mail Dignan
It's almost that time of year again, and if you are anything like me, you haven't begun to start shopping. I'll make it a little easier for you this holiday by picking out somethings that every stoner could benefit from having.
#1: Grinder
If someone you know does not have a fully functional grinder for their herb, they don't know what they are missing out on. Be sure to get them a four part grinder, complete with a kief catch. Here's a nice one, the Chromium Crusher that you can pick up on Amazon now on sale for $18 (quite the steal in my opinion).
chromium crusher

#2: Kief (pollen) compress
Now you got that grinder, what can you do with all that kief collecting in the bottom of it? Well, besides sprinkling it into your normal smoking routine, you could throw it all into a kief compress and start making hash! Here's a Pollen press from our friends over at Grasscity.
pollen press