The Hitchhiker

"Hippies and flower children of the 60's would always describe one sick beat of any nature as being "Groovy" or "Far out". We feel the same way. It doesn't matter if it's guitar, bass, violin, piano, ukulele, anything! This is the beats that intoxicate our brains, blow our minds, and really send us ...well... Far out man." ----> Got suggestions for music? E-mail Dignan
hitchhiking stoner
Recently, a writer, medical marijuana enthusiast, and song recorder named Darren McCrea approached me with a new compilation he had put together with one of his friends called, "The Hitchhiker." Upon my first listen, this song sent me to space, it put me in a place where I felt free to chill. However, it had a funky beat reminiscent of old school R&B, while the main voice persisting throughout the song, reminded me of Tone Loc's smooth, yet slightly eccentric voice. This tune is most definitely something I will have to add to my repertoire of smoking music, because it pours over the atmosphere much like the smoke that emanates from the tip of my tightly rolled blunts. In addition, it is refreshing to see someone like Darren McCrea, who is an already established figure within the community surrounding cannabis, reach outside of his comfort zone to pull off a selection so far out as this one. I mean, consider the level of detail alone, as it lasts four minutes and 20 seconds. Check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments section.

The Hitchiker

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Israelis protest First dispensary raid

"Laws are changing everything around us as well as the world that cannabis lives in. Sometimes it is time to sit down the bowl and really focus on the issues. Well then pick it back up, politics is stressful..."

The Rehov Ibn Gvirol medical marijuana dispensary in Tel Aviv, Israel was raided recently by an Israeli police force. Police suspected that large amounts of marijuana were being funneled into criminal organizations through the dispensary using fake prescriptions. The Rehov Ibn Gvirol dispensary is the countries largest supplier of medical marijuana. It has remained closed since last Wednesday when the police raid took place, leaving many patients without their necessary medications. Tikkkun Olam, the owner/operator of the dispensary told reporters "The bottom line is that the only ones who have suffered as a result of these police actions are the patients. Every arrest, every detention of a patient disrupts their treatment, treatment that demands routine. This causes serious harm to the patients." One patient protesting, Yedidya Kanuf, explained that medical marijuana was a lifesaver to him. Being paralyzed for a decade due to a car accident, Yedidya is confined to a wheelchair. "Before I was on medical marijuana, I was being treated for pain with all types of very strong drugs. I never got out of bed, never saw the sun. Once I started taking prescription cannabis the amount of drugs I took plummeted. When people call it a drug I get annoyed, because for me it has given me life." Source


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