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hemp seeds

Besides used for medicinal purposes, the cannabis plant can also be a basis for a healthy diet among many other things. For instance, hemp seeds contain essential amino acids and fatty acids necessary for a healthy diet. About a third of the weight of the seed is made up of oil, and most of that oil is the healthy variety: ALA (alpha-linoleic acid, a type of Omega-3 fat) and linoleic acid. Seeds can be consumed raw, ground up, made into milk/tea, or can be used in baking. People all around the globe incorporate hemp products in a number of their daily diets, and have many different recipes for preparing them.
hemp milk

Here in the U.S., hemp seeds can be imported but not grown due to the illegalization of all things cannabis. Still, as awareness of hemp reaches out to the broader American market, more and more hemp products are appearing in local grocery stores. For instance, Living Harvest offers hemp milk, oil, non-dairy frozen deserts, and even ice cream bars. They even offer several flavors of milk, providing more choices for those of us who are lactose intolerant. Their costs for the milk are $4.24 for a single 32 oz., or $46.55 for a twelve pack.
hemp granola

To go along with that tasty hemp milk, you could also pick up some nutritious hemp granola from Nature's Path Organic. Their batch of granola includes: "A crunchy, combination of toasted oats, rice crisps, and nutritionally rich hemp seeds that add omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as extra protein and fiber. A good source of dietary fiber with 4 grams per serving." You can pick up an 11.5 oz. box of their granola for $4.59 or a twelve pack for $50.08.