"It is a widely accepted fact that cannabis (...and other great hallucinogens) have been linked numerous times to allowing people everywhere; from writers, to artists, and even amongst the most advent doodlers as being a smooth gateway to better and more insightful pieces of art. So take your brush of choice and blow some minds... this is Stoner Art."
Here we have some "Stoner Art" submitted by one of our readers. She is an upcoming artist and hopefully we will be seeing much from her throughout the life of Stoner Schematics. This particular piece was painted on a piece of cardboard (if you can believe that), and it is very peculiar but interesting as well. If I could think of one word for this one it would be: tantalizing. I feel that it really delves into the complexities of the human mind in simplistic fashion that is almost indescribable. What do you think?


I actually liked the art direction so much, that I actually decided to turn this one into a trippy animated gif. Enjoy. (Give the gif a little time to load)

recordhead gif