"Why make a category for everything? The world lives on the brink of destruction, people are as apathetic as ever, and chronological whimsical forms of the structure are the things that are keeping us down. Fuck the system, Fuck the structure, and BY GOD here at Stoner Schematics we say FUCK Categories (...sometimes)."
What is actually occurring in your brain when you smoke cannabis? This question is the central theme of the video above, "Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana," created by AsapScience, a YouTube Channel dedicated to addressing a new, user-submitted, scientific question each week. For Asap, the answer lies in the psychological, physiological, and fundamental composition of the brain. Any movement, hormone adjustment, or function of the brain is carried out by electrical signals, which are passed between the axon of one neuron and the dendrite of another through chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Essentially, if the neuron is excited by the signal, then it proceeds to pass it down the line to complete the action, but if it is inhibited, the signal stops, ceasing further neuroactivity on that chain.