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gregory isaacs night nurse

It is always a travesty to see such influential, original, and amazing people pass away. Gregory Isaacs, age 59, passed away on October 25th in his London home, after a one year battle with lung cancer, as reported by BBC. For those who do not know much about Isaacs, he was a very talented artist who was best known for his diverse Reggae style in the 1970's to even now with his most recent album being in 2008. He released over 500 albums total and had several singles, those of which include: Night Nurse, Rumours, and Stranger in Town. Night Nurse was actually recorded in Tuff Gong Studios in 1982, the studio founded by Bob Marley.

gregory isaacs

Isaacs life was at times tumultuous, he was incarcerated multiple times (once for a firearm) and he was a frequent user of intense drugs, which degraded his health almost to the point where he could no longer sing. Regardless, we should not linger on what has happened on the past and instead remember him for what he loved most, music. To those who knew him or those that didn't, take a toke for Gregory Isaacs. Here is some Night Nurse: