"The utmost lacking feature of the smoking community is a written and understood set of guidelines to adhere to while participating in any circle. We compile these tips, tricks, techniques, rules, regulations, specifications, and guidelines into a category known as: Potetiquette, which is as the name implies: 'Pot' - 'Etiquette'. This category is meant to attempt to unify these instructions, so that every Stoner may start with a pre-conception of the underlying ideals in order to be able to augment them accordingly to their liking."
overfilled bowlz
Whenever I am in a smoke session with a couple of new friends, nothing makes me cringe more than to see someone overpack a bowl until there are fragments of bud spilling over the rim. While moderation and prudence might not be the most frequently attributed characteristic of Stoners, we should know when volumetrically enough is enough. I am not saying refrain from rolling another joint or packing another bowl. Rather, what I am calling for is the refusal of purposefully wasting ganja by overfilling bowls, clogging pieces, and creating bonfire size cherries that eventually explode from the top opening like Mount Vesuvius when somebody slightly tilts, hits, or passes a smoking device. Avoid what can be termed, "bowl obesity," because it just is not classy and it ruins a good thing. Imagine this fact, we have all been dry before, without a pinch of pot to spare. Maybe our area is out, we do not have the funds, or a dealer cannot be found, but in those moments we wish for our previous conservation. Yet, when we have a copious coffer of cheeba, we tend to waste marijuana by methods such as overfilling. I cannot dictate what you do with your stash, but it never hurt to save some ganja today, for a greener tomorrow.
overfilled bowl