"Half-baked is probably one if not the greatest Stoner movies of all time and we believe this category is best summed up by the great, talented, and verbose Jon Stewart. Enhancement Smoker (Jon Stewart): "Did you ever see Scent of a Woman?" Scarface: "Yup." Enhancement Smoker: "You ever seen Scent of a Woman... on weed? That's the way to see it. It's just wacked." That is what this is, high movies or shows. Not necessarily ratings or anything like that, but movies or shows... well ... high."
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Placebo is a band that some of you might be familiar with, they had a single a while back called "Every You Every Me" that was pretty popular. This particular video, "Meds", is one that delves into the psychotropic world of LSD. The part with the microphone always geeks me out a little bit, but overall the song is catchy and trippy. Two things that I can definitely continue to watch.

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