"Sir Smoke-a-Lot's Selections is a new category dedicated to the creative cultivators who generate strains that are simply out of this world. Sir Smoke-a-Lot smokes only the best, therefore we should follow his example by looking for the best the world has to offer. Just as he went from Samson's kind bud to the experimental medicinal Smiley Face, we will vacillate from popularized mainstream strains to medical grade to the finest homegrown around in search of true dank."
sir smoke-a-lot
As per the new category, Sir Smoke-a-Lot's Selections will be a regular review of strains from growers in cabinet sized spaces to those on their own farms. A unique, astounding, and intricate bud will be featured, so it doesn't matter what its background is (necessarily). So send those submissions for Sir Smoke-A-Lot's Selections to me. For a little familiarity with Sir Smoke-a-Lot please reference to the video below:

This week, I am honoring the expertise over at ICMAG (International Cannagraphic Magazine) who hosts a massive variety of growers from a multitude of backgrounds to culminate in excellence. July's photo of the month is of "Purple Goddess" from Highersolutions. The kief pictured below is probably the most poignant portion of this selection, as I have never witnessed that amount of straight PURPLE kief. Every once in awhile I capture some more indica based strains, but never enough to yield that amount of purple kief. I love the calyxes and the cola in the second picture doesn't really seem to have lost any weight. Great pictures, send yours in to be on next week's, Sir Smoke-a-Lot's Selections.
purple goddess

purple heaven

purple goddess kief