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Here at Stoner Schematics me and my other cohorts are determined to continue to deliver news, pictures, guides, schematics, or whatever we think you will be interested in. The problem with such a structure is the fact that we are so understaffed in comparison to other websites in the same genre that we have to not only do the delicate task of writing the posts, but also to backup, repair, and renew the website as it grows increasingly older.
massive amount of trichomes
This being said, there are several things that currently we have administratively turned to in loo of frequent chronological posts. First, we plan to unveil a character whom will be the staple of Stoner Schematics as well as a slogan. Next, we will be incorporating different, more stylistic buttons and text in order to give the site a better and smoother look. Comments will be enabled on pages as well as on posts, these comments will also have features allowing one to connect your favorite social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.. If this was not enough we will also start including polls randomly during the week. These are not all of the changes that we have been working on, but we will continue to expand the website in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to the cool shit we already have.
dog toking up
Bottom Line, look for a bunch of changes to the website and posts to begin to be a normal thing again.

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A Stoner Christmas

"This category is about something that everyone is doing... we are doing it, you are doing it, everyone is making their own Stoner Schematics. Wait! You might be asking yourself, what in the hell is this... Stoner Schematic? Well I am glad that you subconsciously reached into your head and spat out a question such as this for us. Stoner Schematics are Stoner's ('hence the name') Schematics (blueprints, instructions, whatever your vernacular...). It is what the Stoner creates, be it canabutter, some crazy rolling technique, or even just a great way to blow smoke... that is a Stoner Schematic." --------> Got suggestions for schematics? E-mail Dignan
It's almost that time of year again, and if you are anything like me, you haven't begun to start shopping. I'll make it a little easier for you this holiday by picking out somethings that every stoner could benefit from having.
#1: Grinder
If someone you know does not have a fully functional grinder for their herb, they don't know what they are missing out on. Be sure to get them a four part grinder, complete with a kief catch. Here's a nice one, the Chromium Crusher that you can pick up on Amazon now on sale for $18 (quite the steal in my opinion).
chromium crusher

#2: Kief (pollen) compress
Now you got that grinder, what can you do with all that kief collecting in the bottom of it? Well, besides sprinkling it into your normal smoking routine, you could throw it all into a kief compress and start making hash! Here's a Pollen press from our friends over at Grasscity.
pollen press

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Stoner Schematics

"Why make a category for everything? The world lives on the brink of destruction, people are as apathetic as ever, and chronological whimsical forms of the structure are the things that are keeping us down. Fuck the system, Fuck the structure, and BY GOD here at Stoner Schematics we say FUCK Categories (...sometimes)."
So the first question you must be asking yourself is, "Why the hell am I here?".... and I can understand that.
Jim Breuer from Half-baked stoned as hell.
But! Before you leave, please hear us out! This is Stoner Schematics. That is exactly what we intend it to be. Stoner's.... Schematics. The staff here are merely guides in the whole experience, but basically we are here to post some interesting shit. We realize you might not like all of it, but that's ok... because unlike other places that you have (probably) exited much faster we will keep you entertained. But how? We got that covered too.
Godly Ganja aka superdank
Here we will accept media from all Stoners alike, and we will lavish you (the user of Stoner Schematics) with the creations of your peers and with ganja, cannabis, weed, pot, girls, music, gadgets, bongs, pipes, seeds, grow-ops, psychedlics, trippy shit, whales?, munchies, cereal, DIY, or wtfever we (or you) find funny during your personal sesh.
Princess Saphron's: his little kingdom
So sit back, chill for a bit, and roll a bit... we are here to blow your mind.

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